September 2018: FAIR “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” Event in Washington D.C.

What an honor it was to be invited by FAIR ( Federation for American Immigration Reform) to the 12th annual “ Hold Their Feet To The Fire” Radio Row event in Washington,Dc.

More than 60 Radio hosts from across the country broadcasting live from Capitol Hill, debating immigration issues, while interviewing high profile experts, Activists , Members of Congress, Law Enforcement officials and Angel parents like me.

My fellow Angelmom Maureen Maloney, who also lost her son Matthew because of an illegal alien, joined me as we represented our sons and AVIAC, a organization we created to help other Vicitms of illegal alien crime.

I got to meet and chat with U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, Senator Steve King IA, Diamond and Silk, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Ann Coulter, Former Acting Director of ICE Thomas Homan, Arkansas Senators John Boozman, Tom Cotton and many more.

After the intense 2 days of many interviews, we got to enjoy a very special tour of the White House, and enjoyed some downtime taking in the many beautiful sights of Washington,DC

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