How the Angel Garden Started

When we prepared our property for construction of our new home, we noticed a old tree, only leaning to the right, standing in what would be our front yard.

The Tree looked sick, very little foliage and we were about to chop it down when we noticed a lot of butterflies, dragon flies, Hummingbirds Read More...

I Am DomsMom

💚🤗 This handsome guy is the one and only reason I am a mom…..


The love for my son didn’t die with him, but it got stronger and I found unbelievable strength to continue life without him 💔

My strength comes from God, my sweet husband and the many friends I had and made Read More...

Arizona Border Event Report

On June 25th, I was invited to join FAIR – Federation for American Immigration Reform, at the border in Sierra Vista, Arizona for an event called “End The Biden Border Crisis.”

I got to share Dominic and what happened to him and how I feel about a issue that affects every Read More...

‘We the People Fight Back’ Event

I was blessed to be invited to Naples, Florida as a guest speaker to the ‘ We the people fight back event ‘, hosted by John and Christie DiLemme of Conservative Buisness Journal.

What a great and well organized event it was, with many incredible speakers like Bernie Kerik, former NY Police Read More...

An Open letter to President Biden

Dear President Biden,

Many times, I heard you talk about  the loss of your first wife and daughter and later the loss of your son Beau.

I could hear the pain in your voice and saw the grief on your face when you talk about them and my heart hurt for you.

Sadly, I KNOW this unbearable pain all too