‘We the People Fight Back’ Event

I was blessed to be invited to Naples, Florida as a guest speaker to the ‘ We the people fight back event ‘, hosted by John and Christie DiLemme of Conservative Buisness Journal.

What a great and well organized event it was, with many incredible speakers like Bernie Kerik, former NY Police Commissioner, Tom Homan, former Acting Director of US immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and many others. Read More...

An Open letter to President Biden

Dear President Biden,

Many times, I heard you talk about  the loss of your first wife and daughter and later the loss of your son Beau.

I could hear the pain in your voice and saw the grief on your face when you talk about them and my heart hurt for you.

Sadly, I KNOW this unbearable pain all too well. Read More...

Heavenly 39th Birthday: Why I Am DomsMom

Today I celebrate my son Dominic’s heavenly 39th birthday.

When he was taken from us and his life was cut short, he was only 30 years old and still had so much to do. Dominic had many dreams, little and big goals and every year

I wonder what he would have and could have accomplished, if only he was still alive. Read More...

The National Day of Remembrance

TODAY is NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE to honor ALL Americans that have been killed by illegal aliens Our President issued a proclamation for all Americans to honor, pray and think of all the Families that have been so brutally affected and suffer daily. OUR LOVED ONES WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN Please show your support by lighting a candle, saying a prayer, lowering your flag or just thinking of us who gave so much and who have been fighting so hard to make sure YOUR family will never know this pain. TODAY and EVERY DAY I honor my sweet Dominic, who brought so much joy, love and laughter. Not a minute goes bye where I don’t think of him and miss him so deeply. TODAY I honor all the loved ones my friends lost, the ones I read and heard about and the ones that we will hear about. TODAY I honor all the brave familes that have been out there never quitting when others wanted us to shut up. I honor their friendships and the support we give each other and never take anyone for granted. TODAY I want you to realize just how blessed you are if you don’t have to deal with this issue. TODAY I ask you to help us to continue this battle and help us and President Trump to make sure NO other lives are lost and for people no longer being able to say : I didn’t know. #AVAIC #DomHugs Read The White House Proclamation

AMPFEST2020 Was Fantastic!

American Priority put on another epic event called AMPFEST2020 in Miami at the Trump Doral resort on October 8-11-2020.

It was my 3rd time experiencing a gathering of proud patriots, incredible guest speakers and live music.

Like last year, I was asked to host a discussion panel about the brutal cost of illegal immigration. Read More...

United Patriots Uprising Interviews Sabine Durden

“IS THIS THE MOST IMPORTANT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIME?” is tonight’s topic with guests former actress MORGAN BRITTANY, co-founder of the website, PolitiChicks; author and speaker TOM DEL BECCARO, commentator at PoliticalVanguard.com; SABINE DURDEN-COULTER, nationally-renown angel mom; RON EDWARDS, host of The Ron Edwards American Experience radio show; DR. ELAINA GEORGE, ENT specialist and host of the radio show, Medicine On Call; podcast host WILL JOHNSON, founder of UNITE AMERICA FIRST; international human rights attorney VIRGINIA PRODAN, author of the book, Saving My Assassin; and PRESSLEY STUTTS, chairman of the Rock the Red USA convention.United Patriots Uprising with Gary Binford airs every other Monday night on the Patriot Nation Radio Network for two hours of guest-driven, conservative-based political talk. It’s all about the message, looking to enlighten, edify and equip so each of us will be able to engage, expose and defeat the radical left’s Marxist agenda in the arena of ideas. Read More...

My Take

…Dominic’s voice was silenced.
…My voice got louder.
Dominic’s life was cut short in a split second.
My life was changed forever.
…Dominic’s legacy will continue.
…My gift to him is to make that happen.
Dominic’s light will continue to shine.
My mission will keep that flame going.
…Dominic’s love keeps me going.
…My love for him will never end.

Watch “America’s Forgotten” Trailer!

America's Forgotten from Uniglobe Entertainment on Vimeo.

America’s broken immigration system leaves a slew of victims in its rudderless wake.

Film reveals the staggering human and material cost of illegal immigration to the U.S.A. This documentary is a raw depiction of death, torture and hardship suffered by Americans and foreigners due to illegal immigration. Due to possible political backlash all crew have voluntarily withheld their credits from the film. Read More...