Sabine on El Conservador Radio Show

Sabine starts speaking at 14:26.The impact of illegal alien crime and violence continues to be felt by American communities while the Biden administration makes excuses about the open border. There were eight murders of American citizens by illegal aliens in ten days between June 17-27, 2024.

Legal immigrants growing increasingly frustrated with border crisis


Dominic’s Birthday 2024


Today would be Dominic’s 42nd Birthday.

Sadly, he is forever 30 years old.

The day he was taken from us, an amazing life, big dreams, a bright future and many more adventures were wiped out in the blink of an eye. A amazing, loving, caring, giving,extremely funny and dependable Read More...

Palm Beach 2023

Another eventful trip to beautiful Palm Beach, Florida.

I was invited by #Jexit and #Americafirstpatriotsclub to share Dominics story and to talk about the horrific consequences of illegal immigration.

Besides meeting old friends, making new friends and talking to amazing patriots, Read More...

Angelversary 2023

How can one describe the feeling of yet another year passing since Dominics death on July 12, 2012.

It’s a deep and excruciating pain as I can feel my heart shatter all over, memories of that horrific call, seeing him at the mortuary and kissing his cold, lifeless body for the last time, the Read More...