Dominic’s 40th heavenly Birthday

January 22, 2022 would have marked Dominic’s 40th birthday.

From the day he was born, sadly only for 30 short years, he was an example for so many. He’s remembered for his loving and fun nature, his roaring laughter and his epic pranks, the way he made everyone feel like a best friend and his honesty and kindness.

Everything about him was such a positive force and he will never be forgotten.

Today, like the other 10 years, we have to celebrate without him by our side, but we keep him in our hearts and let all the great memories shine bright.

I often wonder what he would be doing at 40? Would he still be a Motorcycle Cop or a Helicopter pilot by now? Would he be a dad and how many children would he have? A lot of questions and no answers.

One thing I DO know for sure is, that he’s so very missed, still talked about and that many will celebrate him today. Including his Oma and Oma in heaven who are so blessed to be able to be with him.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag my love …..I miss and love you so much and life just isn’t the same without you

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