AMPFEST2020 Was Fantastic!

American Priority put on another epic event called AMPFEST2020 in Miami at the Trump Doral resort on October 8-11-2020.

It was my 3rd time experiencing a gathering of proud patriots, incredible guest speakers and live music.

Like last year, I was asked to host a discussion panel about the brutal cost of illegal immigration.

I had Angel mom of Maureen Maloney, Angel sister Maureen Laquerre and Angel dad Chris Odette join me at AMPFEST and on stage to discuss a issue that affects everyone – ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

Not only did I get to spend time with them, explore the beautiful resort, but I got to hang out again with precious friends I met last year. Kotcha Lee, Tom Shadilay and Alex Phillips truly put together another tremendous event and I am blessed to also call them my friends.


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