Women’s Republican Club of Shreveport, LA February 19, 2020

Sabine was invited by the Women’s Republican Club of Shreveport on February 19,2019 to share Dominic’s story and talk about how illegal immigration affects EVERY American and LEGAL immigrant.

The love, prayers and support by everyone attending was truly uplifting and helps to continue the battle against illegal immigration.

A heartfelt thank you to the President of WRC Gina Martinez and all that attended, including:

  • John Barr from Senator Kennedy’s office,
  • Stephanie McKenzie, from Senator Cassidy’s office,
  • State Rep – Alan Seabough
  • State Rep – Larry Bagly
  • US Rep – Mike Johnson – Nathalie Steinscholt
  • Attorney General- Laura Seabough
  • Candidates for Judge – Nathalie Howell & Chris Victory

Sabine will forever make sure Dominic will NOT be forgotten and trying hard to make sure, no other family has to suffer a tragic loss like this.

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