The REAL Dreamers: A Visit to Washington DC (February 2018)

February 2015 was a busy month.

I went to visit Washington DC again and had a few appointments with some  Democrat Senators. I just wanted to sit with them and share Dominic’s story and how illegal immigration changed our lives forever.

Excited and ready to rumble, I arrived at each Senators office and learned that the appointment wasn’t with the Senator, but with someone of his staff.

I sat in many small rooms with staff that didn’t really care what I had to say. Most looked bored out of their minds and didn’t even take notes.

I sat in Senator Elisabeth Warrens office and asked why the Senator wouldn’t meet with me.I was told she was very busy and wasn’t even in the building. And just as I looked up at the 2 glass panels next to the door, Elisabeth Warren walked by.

My next stop was Kamala Harris Office. I had no appointment, but seeing a large sign in front of her office, written all in Spanish and welcoming Dreamers, kind of had me all heated up and I wanted to know why they would do that.

I walked in, holding a large picture of my son and the young lady greeted me and asked me who that handsome guy on the picture was. I told her he was a Dreamer. I paused. She got up from behind her desk, still smiling and walked towards me. When she was close enough, I shared that this was my LATE son, who had huge dreams that turned into a nightmare. I continued telling her that he was killed by an illegal alien and how disappointed I was to know that Senator Harris fights harder for illegals than American citizens.

The smile on her face turned into a angry face real quick and she yelled at another staff member to help her remove me. I just stood in the middle of the office, didn’t say a word, holding up my sons picture.

She got louder and demanded me to leave or she would call the Capitol Police to have me arrested.

I left on my own, tears in my eyes, because here was another American politician, payed by Americans, in a Government Building, openly fighting FOR illegal Aliens instead of our very own citizens in need.

What a wake up call that was.

After that I needed to get out of that building and get some fresh air.

My next destination was the beautiful Trump Hotel where I had dinner and just enjoyed being around such class and beauty.

The next day I decided to check out the Lincoln Memorial and the Holocaust Museum. Each place left a deep impression in my heart and soul.

A visit to Representative Steve King from Iowa restored my faith that there are still good and honest Politicians fighting for Americans. He has always been a great friend to myself and the many Angel families and he will always make time in his busy schedule to receive a huge Domhug.

Every visit to Washington, D.C. is a adventure and I learned to make the best of it.

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