The National Day of Remembrance

TODAY is NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE to honor ALL Americans that have been killed by illegal aliens ???
Our President issued a proclamation for all Americans to honor, pray and think of all the Families that have been so brutally affected and suffer daily.
Please show your support by lighting a candle, saying a prayer, lowering your flag or just thinking of us who gave so much and who have been fighting so hard to make sure YOUR family will never know this pain.
TODAY and EVERY DAY I honor my sweet Dominic, who brought so much joy, love and laughter. Not a minute goes bye where I don’t think of him and miss him so deeply.
TODAY I honor all the loved ones my friends lost, the ones I read and heard about and the ones that we will hear about.
TODAY I honor all the brave families that have been out there never quitting when others wanted us to shut up. I honor their friendships and the support we give each other and never take anyone for granted.
TODAY I want you to realize just how blessed you are if you don’t have to deal with this issue.
TODAY I ask you to help us to continue this battle and help us and President Trump to make sure NO other lives are lost and for people no longer being able to say : I didn’t know.

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