The fight never ends…..

No matter how many times I got to Washington DC,  no matter how many times I share Dominic’s story and no matter how many times I get the blank look, turned away or shut down, I will NEVER STOP.

We can’t sit by as our country is being invaded, taken over and changed. You owe your family and future generations the best that life has to offer.

I will never know what it would be like to hold a grandchild, or walk my son down the isle to marry his best friend. I will never be able to be the recipient of his great pranks or hear his infectious laughter. No more huge and tight Domhugs or kisses on top of my head. No more memeories created and no future with him in it.

Please stand up for your family and help to stop this insanity of amnesty and sanctuary cites / states .

I never though I could make a difference and I was proven wrong.


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