Since the day Dominic died……

”You have changed” and ” Are you better now” is what I hear people say.

My answer is YES and NO.

When Dominic was killed that horrific day on July 12, 2012 I KNEW I would never be the same. I knew I was forever changed and had to come to grips with a new reality. A new way of Life without the most important person in it.

I realized that I could just slowly die or that I could make a difference and continue my amazing sons legacy. The choice was easy. There was no way I would let his death be in vain.

There are many days that I can barley breath and the pain of missing Dominic is so intense that it takes every bit of strength to make it. I also learned to be  great actress and hide my pain, put on a smile and crack a joke.

No matter what , I knew I just had to continue and be Dominic’s voice. After all, I was all he had left.

July 10,2015 I got to meet Donald Trump in Beverly Hills and after sharing my story with him privately, I had the chance to share Dominic’s story with the World at a Press Conference set up by Mr. Trump.

My life changed even more after that. More News Stations were now suddenly interested in what happened to my only child and I took advantage of every chance to share who Dominic was and why he was no longer alive.

A few visits to Washington, DC , starting Twitter (@Sabine_Durden), a few more interviews on TV and Radio Stations and a lot more knowledge about Politics became my “new Life”.

Yes, I have changed.

No, I am not better. The pain will never go away and my heart is forever broken.

I could have stopped living after Dominic’s death. I could have just let life go bye. But I chose to share my experience, connect with other victims of Illegal Alien Crime, speak up and get active. I became a voice for many who can’t or are not able to speak up.

Sadly some people who were in my life, didn’t appreciate it or like what and who I was talking about.

Some disappeared, some tried to change my way of thinking and talking. They wanted to change who I became and didn’t like or understand the why and how.

While I lost some, I gained a lot of new friends and supporters that are by my side no matter what.

No matter what tragedy happens to us, we have a choice how we continue after it happens. Will it stop us from living or will it make us stronger?

I found out so much about me, my strength and just how resilient I am.

My sweet Dominic lets me know in many ways that he is around and very proud of his mom. I honor my son by continuing to share his story and be his voice.

While I make sure his legacy continues, I am also making sure that people will get to know DOMSMOM.

Never take a moment with your loved ones for granted and make sure they know how you feel.

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