Sabine’s Story

People ask me who Dominic was and what DOMHUGS is about.
There was so much depth and substance to him and it is hard to explain him in just a few sentences.

Dominic was the kind of friend that you knew you could always depend on. The kind of buddy that would give his honest opinion and be there through thick and thin, good and bad.

The man other men would trust their wives and girlfriends to be around.
A person with integrity, morales and deep love for those he called family and friends.

Someone you could call at any time and he would be there.

A prankster with jokes and stories to make you laugh for days and the gentle shoulder to lean on when things were not that great.

Dominic was the kind of man you wanted for a brother, son in law, confidant and by your side.

He walked into a room and people were drawn to him. And yet he was a very humble man.

He put others before him and is still remembered as the gentle giant.
He worked for Moreno Valley TV, volunteered for the Local Fire Stations, worked at the 911 Dispatch Center for the Riverside Sheriff Department, became a Pilot and still found time for fun with his friends and time to hang out with mom.

His deep laughter was well known and so were the many pictures of him being the photo bomber with bug eyes in the background.

To me he was the best that ever happened in my life. From the first moment I looked at him until the very last time I got to touch him, he was my best friend, my rock, my buddy and the light of my life.

We had the best relationship, respect for each other and a true and unconditional love for each other.

He called himself a proud mommas boy and made sure people knew.

Our 30 years together were so precious and not a moment wasted. Many fun vacations together, motorcycle rides and just being in our shared home with our dogs.

It was easy living with him. We had our moments, but they never lasted and there was never a grudge.

We could speak about anything honestly and we’re best of friends.
When Dominic was taken from us, it left a huge, deep hole and not only in my heart, but innate heart of so many.

He taught me that we must live a life without regrets, to stand up for what we believe in and be passionate about life and people.Dominic taught me to live every day as if it was my last, tackle uncomfortable issues and to enjoy the little precious things we sometimes overlook for our world is too busy.

He is missed by so many from all over the world and he will never be forgotten.
I started DOMHUGS to continue his legacy and to share his story and to make a difference.

The way and how he died is important to share in order to seek change and to prevent others to have to deal with a senseless tragedy like this.

DOMHUGS will continue to make contributions to the city Dominic loved so much and help those in need.

DOMHUGS will also continue to share what I have learned and experienced since Dominic’s death.

I have changed because of this horrific loss and don’t want to waste any time or precious moments.

Some of the issues I talk about have nothing to do with a certain race, color or country, but all to do with law and order, right or/and wrong.

I know Dominic is very proud of me for being proactive and I will continue to share DOMHUGS until my last breath. His death will not be in vain.

This is my fight for Dominic and many others who can’t speak up anymore.

Thank you each and everyone for understanding, trying to understand and for loving me, supporting me and keeping Dominic’s memory alive.

Huge DOMHUGS to all of you

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