Sabine Goes to CPAC

Sabine – DomsMom attended the annual CPAC 2020 – Conservative Political Action Conference February 25th to 28th at the Gaylord Resort at National Harbor in Maryland.

She did numerous interviews with local and national radio and news stations to share Dominic, who he was, what caused his death and tried to educate about the cost of illegal immigration that effects EVERY American, regardless of political affiliation.

Sabine also met with many patriots, gave many DomHugs, received a lot of love and support to continue this battle that could affect anyone at any given moment.

Dominic and thousands of victims of illegal alien crime will NEVER be forgotten.

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  1. Oh wow! I’m so honored to have connected with you and to think we live so close! Thank you for posting this & God Bless you! ..Judy Hile..

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