Prayers Answered

Looking back over the past few month and all the events I was invited to so far this year to share Dominic’s story and how illegal immigration is changing our country, I truly appreciate each moment. Each opportunity and each person I met along the way.

The people welcomed me with open arms and hearts and already understood just how dangerous those open borders are.

But I also wanted to reach people who still had no clue or who didn’t see a problem with illegal immigration and so I began to pray about it. For God to find a way for me to reach a whole new audience.

He answered my prayers in the form of a email from a very famous show in Los Angeles, that has millions of viewers, inviting me to come to LA and share Dominic and what happened to him.

( once the show airs this month, I can go into more details)

At first I thought it was a prank, but once I talked at length with the producer, I just knew my prayer was answered.

I was so excited and also apprehensive at the same time, to go back to California, even for just a few days and planned to meet up with friends and visit the spot where Dominic took his last breath and to the park that was dedicated to him.

When I arrived at LAX, a driver picked me up, took me to the Roosevelt Hotel and I explored this historic place with all its glory.

The next day started with a early pick up to go to the studio and to get ready for a whole new experience. The cherry on top was 2 of Dominics best friends got to be in the audience.

After the taping of the show, the 3 of us had lunch at the studio cantina and then headed towards Riverside.

Seeing LA again after 5 years was heartbreaking. So much more poverty, homeless camps, graffiti and closed businesses.

The closer we got to Riverside, the more my anxiety showed up. And the closer we got to Moreno Valley, where Dominic left his footprints all over the place, the tears started to roll. I knew I had to get through this in order to move forward.

After a amazing dinner with our sweet friends and family and a good night sleep, my best friend picked me up and we took a tour through Moreno Valley, a town we lived in for many years. A stop at Dominic’s memorial park, the old neighborhood and then to the street corner where he lost his precious life. It took my breath away and my mind went back 10 years to the day I lost my best friend, my precious son. The heartbreak came when I saw that someone had removed the cross that was placed there in Dominics honor. It was handmade by the dad of one of his best friends. It was difficult to say the least, to be where Dominic’s life was taken and so many other lives were changed forever in a split moment.

My friend took me to Ontario Airport and once again, I had to catch myself from falling apart. This was the airport that I last saw my son 10 years ago, when he dropped Anthony and myself off to fly to Atlanta. I stood still for a little while, re- lived that moment where I got my last huge Domhug and kiss from him and watched him drive away. The tears rolled one more time and after a deep breath, I knew I had to experience all of it. Every painful and devastating moment. Every tear and even hearing my heart break all over again. It was necessary and I got on my flight back home to Arkansas, feeling accomplished and better.

The show will air sometime this month and I will share it as soon as I get the link.

In the meantime I want you to realize that our prayers are heard, some are answered and it’s good to never say never.

All we can do is stand in faith, move forward and try to make a difference.

On to the next adventure in the life of DomsMom.

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