My Take

…Dominic’s voice was silenced.
…My voice got louder.
Dominic’s life was cut short in a split second.
My life was changed forever.
…Dominic’s legacy will continue.
…My gift to him is to make that happen.
Dominic’s light will continue to shine.
My mission will keep that flame going.
…Dominic’s love keeps me going.
…My love for him will never end.

Watch “America’s Forgotten” Trailer!

America's Forgotten from Uniglobe Entertainment on Vimeo.

America’s broken immigration system leaves a slew of victims in its rudderless wake.

Film reveals the staggering human and material cost of illegal immigration to the U.S.A. This documentary is a raw depiction of death, torture and hardship suffered by Americans and foreigners due to illegal immigration. Due to possible political backlash all crew have voluntarily withheld their credits from the film. Read More...

Conservative Business Journal “Illegal Aliens Kill Americans, Biden vs Trump, Marxism”

In this special episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, you’ll hear the entire Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show hosted by John Di Lemme with five special guest speakers…

→ Angel Parents (Sabine Durden-Coulter, Maureen Maloney and Jim Walden) will share about their sons who were killed by illegal aliens and why we must stand with President Trump to build the wall and stop illegal immigration Read More...

Never Say Never

Sometimes in life we have to deal with events/ issues that bring us to our knees.

  • We have the incredible ability to let it destroy or motivate us.
  • We have the power to continue or quit.
  • We have it in us to reach our superpowers.

And we should:

  • NEVER stop fighting for what’s right and honorable
  • NEVER step away because we hope someone else will take care of it
  • NEVER think we can’t make a difference
  • NEVER underestimate our power to inspire others
  • NEVER give up on something or someone we believe in


The deep, never ending love for my son Dominic made me realize just how blessed I still am and that I will forever be his voice and reminder that his life mattered Read More...

8 year Angelversary

Sunday, July 12th 2012 at 5:45am my world crashed and my heart was shattered and forever broken.

My sweet son, my only child, was killed that day and 8 years later I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, shaking and sweating, crying and at times in disbelief.

It’s hard to fathom that it has been 8 years, 96 month,417 weeks and 70056 hours since I got to kiss, see him, hear his voice and laughter, get my hugs and hear “ I love you mom” ???? Read More...

Americans First, more important than ever!

Sitting outside, enjoying the quiet of the evening, listening to the birds give their daily concert, I glance over at the Angel Garden.

Each rock had the name of a lost loved one written on it. The weather kind of faded the names, but not in my heart. I remember each one and smile, as I think how safe they are in heaven. I always say a prayer for them and their families. Mother’s Day is almost over, and I reflect on all the moms who have lost a child. Read More...