Missing half of my heart

Now that I moved out of California to a quiet and calm place in Arkansas, it seems my aching soul gets a little break.

My heart still and will always hurt, but I have less of the triggers that would bring me to my knees.

I also know that our President will make sure Americans will be safer and maybe less have to feel this kind of pain. Read More...

Flying with my very own angel

Since Dominic’s death I haven’t been on a small aircraft like he used to fly. It carried too much pain and I just wanted to remember the many amazing and fun flights he took me on.

Just the thought of going to the little airport in Riverside made me tear up.

But when I found out one of Dominic’s best friends Chris was so inspired by Dominic and got his pilots license, I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to him. Read More...


I am so very proud to announce that the City of Moreno Valley dedicated a wonderful area to my sweet Dominic.

I hope future generations will walk those trails and kids get to see that we all can make a difference.

One person at a time

Still pinching myself

….for being a part of history now and that the world now heard my sweet Dominic’s story and knows his name.

Thank you Donald J. Trump, friend, hero, life saver and future President of the USA for inviting me and giving my son and thousand of other victims a voice. Read More...

Dear God, help us all

The last few days have been very hard to deal with and my heart is heavy and broken all over again.

Not only was Dominic working for the Sheriffs Department as a 911 Dispatcher, but his goal was to become a Helicopter pilot for the Police Department. He was also already working on becoming a motorcycle cop and excited to be out there on the front line with his friends. Read More...

Orlando, Istanbul, India…..

…..so much pain, so many  families destroyed and lives lost.

Every time I see another tragedy unfold, it re opens my already broken heart. It takes me to a ugly place and I also physically feel the pain of so many. I immediately remember that brutal phone call, where I was and I can even still hear myself scream as I was told my sweet Dominic was dead. Read More...

April and May …..my head is still spinning

My head is still spinning from all that has happened and taken place lately.

On April 28th, I attended my first Trump Rally in Costa Mesa, California. Wonderful Robin H. made it possible to go behind the stage to meet Mr. Trump. What an exciting feeling to be around our next President again and to get that very comforting hug. The group also got to display all the banners with pictures of the victims of illegal alien crime on stage. Mr. Trump shared how he will make America great again, build that wall and make sure no other families will have to endure this pain and grief. After leaving the stage, many of my Twitter followers came around to take pictures and give me hugs. The media clearly stayed away from us and not one reporter wanted to hear more about victims of illegal alien crime. Read More...

Who was Dominic and was he really that funny?


Dominic was my only child, my best friend, the love of my life, the best friend of so many and an incredible human being.

In his short 30 years of life, he accomplished more than some people do in a lifetime. He was named Volunteer of the Year 2004 in our City, managed to get his Private Pilot license and rescued his beloved Cyrus from the pound. Read More...