Orlando, Istanbul, India…..

…..so much pain, so many  families destroyed and lives lost.

Every time I see another tragedy unfold, it re opens my already broken heart. It takes me to a ugly place and I also physically feel the pain of so many. I immediately remember that brutal phone call, where I was and I can even still hear myself scream as I was told my sweet Dominic was dead.

My heart breaks for all those victims and their loved ones. It goes out to the first responders that had to put aside their own  fears and hurt in order to function. This doesn’t just affect the immediate family and friends of the victims. It affects so many and they will never be the same.

It just hurts deeply to know what so many now have to deal with from here on out. They will never be or act the same. The  feeling safety and carefree is gone and many of the wounds will never be seen on the outside.

Our world has changed so very much. So very drastically. It’s scary and we have to explain to the little ones things we never imagined we would have to talk about.

We could just live in fear and stop enjoying this wonderful life we were given. But then evil will win.

We have to be more aware of our surroundings and be mindful of what’s out there. And we can’t stick our head in the sand or act like we don’t know. Ignorance is no longer acceptable with all the info out there.

Dominic’s short life of 30 years taught me so very much. He lived every day as if it was his last. Memories were created that so many, including me, cherish and hold dear to our hearts. He didn’t waste time with nonsense and truly made the very best of every day that was gifted to him.

Instead of living in fear and fear for the future, let’s create many sweet memories of fun and happy times.

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