My Trip to Mara Lago Florida January, 22

After a very successful ‘We the people fight back ‘ event in Naples, Florida 2 sweet friends of mine, Maria and John, treated me to 2 days at exquisite Mar-A- Lago.

What a gorgeous and elegant place it is indeed. Such beauty all around.

The highlight of this visit was when President Trump stopped at our table and remembered Dominic and me, DomsMom.

It left me almost speechless when he talked about how long I have been fighting the issue of illegal immigration and how proud he was of me for never stopping, no matter how difficult it gets. It was the ultimate compliment to be recognized by President Trump.

It gave me new strength and drive to continue with my message, no matter what is thrown in my way to stop me or slow me down.

Before I head back to the airport to head home, my sweet friend Shari, picked me up in her Trump Slingshot mobile and gave me a tour of Palm Beach.

Lots of fun, laughter and precious new memories of a fantastic time in Florida.

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  1. Hi Sabine we met in Naples Florida you were gonna place a rock for Greg’s son Michael I just found your card and wanted to say hi and again what a blessing to get to meet you. Keep up the good fight for Dominic 🙏❤

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