Mother’s Day 2018

May brings Mother’s day and a harsh reminder that I will no longer get my funny card from Dominic. However, I was blessed that every day with him was a mother’s day that I cherish.

But my moms birthday also falls on May 11th and that was reason enough to go to Germany to celebrate her glorious 98 years of life.

My hometown of Feucht by Nuremberg is a small community surrounded by so much history, beauty and always worth visiting and finding new places to explore.

We love visiting friends and family, hanging out with my sister and nieces and enjoy eating all the yummy food, Germany is known for.

Every visit brings great joy but also some tears. Dominic was born in a hospital in Nuremberg and lived his first 10 years of his life in the place I also grew up in, surrounded by his loving grandparents and family. Every place I go to, I have wonderful memories of times spent there with him and people still remember that sweet and cute little “ german chocolate “ guy.

America is my new home and the country I love so much, but Germany always holds a special place in my heart.

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