Mistake or Retaliation? (How I Became an Illegal Alien OVERNIGHT)

How a legal immigrant, naturalized US Citizen since 2/1996, became an “undocumented person” overnight

I am not sure what the answer is to what happened here just a few days ago…

I have been under my doctor’s care for years and Medicare never had a issue taking care of their part with the various charges.

That changed after a recent foot surgery, when my doctor’s office called and informed me that Medicare will not pay for the surgery charges.

Of course I thought I was being pranked, but it got serious really quick when I was told the bill of $ 17,000 would not be paid by Medicare.

I immediately contacted Medicare and almost passed out when I heard the reason why payment for service was denied:

“on the day of service, Mrs. Coulter was not a American citizen but a undocumented person” ….. Say what?…that can’t be real or true, right?

After all, all the previous services ( just a week prior ) were covered and nothing had changed since.

The next call was to a Social Security office. After a almost 2 hour wait and lots of elevator music, a nice agent double checked the records and informed me that I was actually listed as a green card holder. He couldn’t answer the question as to what and why this could have happened. He excluded identity theft and told me I need to take my passport and drivers license to the next local Social Security office and simply fill out a form.

I did just that and now was told that I needed my naturalization certificate and not just a passport and ID.

When asked what could have happened, I was told that with “ things happening “ they are making sure that undocumented people don’t take advantage.


If that was the case, why wasn’t that service denied before the surgery and enormous cost? Why wait until after the fact and now the doctor would not get paid for his services. This makes no sense!

What are the odds that this legal immigrant and Angel Mom, who has been loudly fighting against illegal immigration and the many consequences and cost to America, for the last 10 years of her life, would have to deal with this weird issue?

Yes, mistakes and errors happen. Entering a wrong letter or number is always possible. BUT a change in citizenship is just a bit weird and can’t be explained?

I have become a nationally known voice against illegal immigration, not just for my late son Dominic, but for so many others and I have made it my life’s mission to bring awareness about a issue that affects every American.

This will be solved and straightened out, but you have to admit, it’s very strange and deserves an answer.

As I am now deemed a illegal alien for the time being, can I get a free Cellphone, loaded debit card, free flight to anywhere and all the other freebies or will I be deported?

Inquiring minds want to know: retaliation for being outspoken or just simple mistake?

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