JEXIT/ United West at Mar-a-Lago

A heartfelt thank you to JEXIT/ United West for inviting me to a historic event at Mar-a-Lago in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida.

The event started with JEXIT honoring President Donald Trump with the historic and one of a kind ‘ Defender of Zion ‘ award.


President Trump was clearly touched and appreciative of such an honor.
He addressed the crowd of about 125 people and at the end of his speech, recognized me and asked me to join him. Of course I did not anticipate this kind of honor and recognition and was so deeply touched to join him on stage.

He shared with the attendees how long we have known each other ( first met 2015) and that I have been by his side in the fight against illegal alien crime since then. My heart overflowed when he mentioned that I am such a strong mom / Patriot that never quit and kept the fight going after Dominic was killed by an illegal alien 2012. He handed me the microphone and asked me to share mine and Dominics story.

He stood by my side and gave me all the time I needed. The crowd erupted in a standing ovation and there was not one dry eye in the room.

I am forever grateful to this amazing man for never forgetting about all the victims of illegal alien crime and I was able to thank him for all he’s done for thousands of us. During his administration he signed a proclamation to designate every November 1st a National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime. Of course this current administration ignores us and won’t even talk to us. It was a touching moment to tell him personally just how much this means to myself and so many others.

The program continued with the world premier of extremely talented filmmaker Chris Burgards ‘Death County and the River of dreams’ documentary, featuring former ICE director Tom Homan and a real view of what’s going on at the border.

This was the first of many films for the ‘ Tom Homan Project – Defend the Border, Save Lives ‘ 2 year commitment that I am so honored to be part of.
The issue of open borders and the invasion of our country has to be addressed, can’t be ignored and I certainly won’t stay quiet.

This and future generations are affected and at risk and we already lost way too many lives, on both sides.

Dominic’s death was not in vain and I will tell his story as long as I can breathe.
A very grateful and deeply touched DomsMom

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