Immigration School hosted by CIS – Center for Immigration Studies in Washington DC

September 23-24, 2022

After a very busy 2 days with FAIR Radio Row, I went to Chrystal City, DC and attended a very informative event, hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

CIS members Jon Feere ( Director of Investigations)& Jessica Vaughn ( Director of Policy Studies ) had been dear friends for many years and invited me to DC many times previously to testify in front of a judiciary counter or round table discussions about the cause of illegal immigration.

Former AG Jeff Sessions and many others shared their intense knowledge about
* Immigration numbers, what they mean and why they matter
* Biden’s Border Fiasco: Causes and Solutions

And much more.

This was the first “ immigration school “ of its kind hosted by CIS and I look forward to many more.

Sunday they 25th, my flight home wasn’t until 7pm and I decided to visit Arlington National Cemetery.

I was not disappointed and watched the remarkable Changing of the guards, JFK and Jaqueline Kennedys graves with the eternal flame, walked on historic grounds and visited the Arlington house and learned about its long history.

The sights of thousands of headstones honoring the brave fallen soldiers who fought for our freedoms, gave me inspiration and strength to continue the battle against illegal immigration.

After 6 days in DC, I was ready to go home to enjoy the quiet country living and to prepare for the next trip, the next event to share Dominic, once again

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