Illegal Immigration Affects Both Sides

ALERT : RANT 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯😱🤯🤬

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am deeply involved with everything illegal immigration.

Since Dominic’s death, I learned, heard and seen more than I ever wanted to know 💔

I am trying to open eyes and minds, share, encourage, inspire and share the dangers and horrific consequences of illegal immigration.
There is no hate in my heart, but i despise what’s going on because of this issue.

Many times I have talked about that a secure border and true and legal immigration saves lives on ALL sides.

It saves babies and toddlers from getting raped to death, women getting trafficked, raped and abused. It keeps YOUR families and loved ones safer. It keeps those out who mean this country harm and from draining resources and $$ from Americans who dearly pay for all the freebies they receive.

Nothing new, I’ve been shouting about it. Traveled through many airports and seen the groups, the men with little doped up children, again, traveling amongst us ( not checked for any diseases and on our dime ).


I am sitting here waiting for my last flight home and saw something that hurt my heart so much 💔

It also showed me that my fight can’t stop and WILL NOT STOP.

This young girl ( how old do you think she is?) is sitting here at Dallas Ft. Worth, with a baby. Her luggage is a small plastic bag with her ticket she can’t even read ( illegals used to carry Manila envelopes with their flight info written on it.

Guess the handlers got smart because they changed that practice to blend in ), no purse or backpack with stuff for the baby, but only a cloth with a few items, tied together. She looks completely defeated and has a blank look. She’s STILL wearing the green armband, issued by the cartels for her to be trafficked across the border and to keep up with her to pay them back whatever her passage cost.

She’s in debt with people who could care less about her, her life or the baby. It’s about 💰💰

She’s on the way to Tennessee, where her life will not be what she was dreaming of. I shudder to think about the future of her and that baby.
Tears are flowing now, because THIS INSANITY IS PER DESIGN BY GREEDY


Way too many people ( from either side ) are/will be deeply affected and this treasonous administration is encouraging and enabling all of this 🤬

To the ones who keep ignoring this issue and making excuses…… I wish you could have watched her, sitting alone, scared and without a future for both of them.

Illegal immigration is killing & destroying, all in the name of WHAT??? Cheap

Labor? Democratic votes? 💰💰? Power ?

Illegal immigration affects everyone living in America, one way or another. This is no longer just a border issue …. This cost is all… some more than others 💔

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