I Have to Get Something off my Chest

I see the different opinions and posts about the father and his little daughter who drowned. Heartbreaking for sure.

No doubt sad and tragic.

I see people outraged and pointing Fingers, disgusted and upset.

No, our President did NOT encourage that, nor did the Border Patrol have anything to do with it. Matter of fact, they save lives at the Rio Grande every day risking their own lives.

Many assume that people flee violence and bad living conditions and make excuses for illegals breaking our laws. But I don’t see the same sympathy given to Americans who live in cities like Chicago, in bad conditions and surrounded by violence.

I don’t see the upset and heartbroken ones, utter one word of sympathy to all the Americans that were killed & harmed by people here illegally.

Many stay silent and scroll past what I show and write .

Many roll their eyes “ can’t she post anything else?”

????????  Here’s what has me so upset, angry, gives me anxiety.

Angel moms and dads have to live with our loss 24/7 and 365 days.

There is no break in our grief.

We see how so many are quickly upset about the preventable death of this father and daughter, yet they ignore us and turn their backs.

We are reminded day in and day out by the news, social media, just how much more important illegals are and that we should just shut up and go away.

We see the empty chair, the grandkids we will never have, get reminded of what we will never have again with our loved ones.

We see the picture of the dad and daughter and our hearts break all over, because we get reminded again, just how precious life is.

We watch our own citizens neglected so politicians can grandstand with empty promises.

We hurt, cry and are heartbroken when we see people care more for illegals than our own.

We are not heartless and feel the brutal emotions of dealing with death.
Don’t diminish our loss by all of a sudden becoming a spokes person for lawbreakers.

Because no matter how much feelings they like to pack into it. No matter how much they try to give excuses for someone breaking laws…… remember one thing….. there are consequences for actions. There are laws in place for a reason.

We didn’t place our loved ones in harms way.

We didn’t cause our loved ones death.

A secure border, closing loopholes, ending the freebies and making sure EVERYONE knows NOT to  come illegally, will absolutely SAVE LIVES ON BOTH SIDES.

Here is the picture of Dominics  dead hand that I touched for the last time in a morgue.

I bet all I have , Senator Schumer and the likes of him will NEVER blow that picture up and show it to prevent this from happening to another family.

Wake up to the manipulative behavior of “ we promise everything “ politicians.

Domhugs ????????,


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  1. Sabine, I am truly sadden by the tragedy of loss of your son. I listen to your story on Red Pilled America yesterday and once again I was touched by your story and at the same time angry that the likes of Sen Schumer and Speaker Pelosi will never admit that this is injustice (loss of your son) to you and the other Angle Moms and Dads. It is so hypocritical of these Democrats and Progressive Liberals at City, State, and Federal Government and PACs to allow the sanctuary cities, hatred to the people who have suffered loss at the hands of an “illegal alien” — I will not use immigrant because they have not immigrated rather “invaded” our country. As a retired Air Force service member of 30-yrs, who has loss brothers and sisters of all the Armed Services I’m angry and dishearten that their lives to defend our country from “Foreign and DOMESTIC enemies is perceived by the Democrats and Progressive Liberals and unjustified.

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