I Am DomsMom

?? This handsome guy is the one and only reason I am a mom…..


The love for my son didn’t die with him, but it got stronger and I found unbelievable strength to continue life without him ?

My strength comes from God, my sweet husband and the many friends I had and made along the way. It also comes from dealing with people who walked away, abandoned, used and betrayed me.

The journey I am on is not a easy one, but worthy the cost of lost sleep, nightmares, heartache, threats and loss of people who can’t handle the truth.

Because of Dominic Durden….
….  I am a better me
…. A better friend, wife, sister, aunty
…. Live life without regrets
…. Enjoy the small things in life
…. Tougher, more compassionate, loving, loyal, forgiving, cautious and not someone to be played with

?? proud to be this guys mom and can’t wait until the day I get to hug and kiss him again and sit with our favorite drinks, dogs and family, discussing my journey after he left us, laugh again and figure out new pranks to play on each other.

Until then, I will continue to be unapologetically ME…

DomsMom Sabine ??

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