How the Angel Garden Started

When we prepared our property for construction of our new home, we noticed a old tree, only leaning to the right, standing in what would be our front yard.

The Tree looked sick, very little foliage and we were about to chop it down when we noticed a lot of butterflies, dragon flies, Hummingbirds and red birds always near and in it.

We watched for a little while and every time we stood close, a sense of calm overcame us.

I realized this tree had a special feeling to it and I decided to place some memorial wristbands and metal Angel wings on it and just wait with the removal.

All of a sudden I had a vision of all the lost souls ( who’s parents I had met along the way) would meet here to recharge and share their journey with each other.

After their precious rest time, they would leave and go back to their duty of guardian angels for their families and friends.

Every time I stood there, I would feel such calm and my heart was a little lighter. Truly a special place that needed to be honored.

I started with a rock and Dominic’s name and then it turned into writing the many names of other departed loved ones on rocks and sharing it with their families.

Angel statues and beautiful flowers were added and sadly more names. But now it wasn’t a sad place anymore, but a spot where all those we love and miss, are now honored.

I talk to them every day honor their lives.

If you like the name of your loved one to be memorialized, please contact me with your email.

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  1. I just saw you on Greg Kelly…your love for your son is so amazing to me. In his death you have honored him and you and him together are comforting thousands of Angel Mom’s…I’m sickened at this current administration threat cares nothing for Americans….keep going and stay strong! You are loved by millions of Americans ?

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