Heavenly 39th Birthday: Why I Am DomsMom

Today I celebrate my son Dominic’s heavenly 39th birthday.

When he was taken from us and his life was cut short, he was only 30 years old and still had so much to do. Dominic had many dreams, little and big goals and every year

I wonder what he would have and could have accomplished, if only he was still alive.

His loss and absence is still heavily felt daily, not only by me, but by so many friends and family.

We will never forget his cheerfulness, his roaring laughter and endless pranks and jokes, his loving and caring demeanor and being everyone’s best friend.

He will always be remembered as the guy who was never too busy to help, find time to listen and lighting up a room with his smile.

Today I celebrate his heavenly 39th birthday with some tears and smiles and hold on to all the beautiful memories I carry deeply in my heart and soul.

Happy birthday my amazing son, love of my life and the reason I am DomsMom.

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