2016 and what it means to me.

Dominic’s 34th Birthday is approaching and another reminder how fragile life truly is. It makes me wonder how much time we have here on earth. What will I do with that gift of life and what will my legacy be? Will I be someone’s hero or inspiration?

Before Dominic’s death, I took life for granted. I was wasting plenty of time on things and people that brought nothing of value or substance.

Now I found my purpose. I found my voice and direction to make a difference. Dominic’s death taught me so very much and even though the pain will never disappear or get less, I can now share and reach out. I lost my fear of public speaking and I am no longer bothered by peoples opinion of me. Some appreciate what I do and speak about, some don’t like it at all. Some support me no matter what and some have disappeared.

When tragedies strike, we have 2 choices. We can just stop living, give up and stay in a dark place and suffer. Or we can stand up and make a difference. I chose to make a difference and continue Dominic’s legacy of a life well lived. I will continue to share who he was and how he got killed.

I will continue to shout and talk about Illegal Immigration and how our Government doesn’t care too much about enforcing existing laws and how anyone can become a victim at any given moment. I was never a political person, but seeing what s going on all around us made me get involved. We owe our families to at least be informed and be a part of positive change.

2016 will be more of living in the NOW, cultivating new and old friendship’s and continuing to share Dominic with the world.

THANK YOU to each and everyone for the unconditional love and support.

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