Happy New Year?

That’s a hard one for me to hear.

It’s just another year without my son. Another new year without his hugs and kisses, without hearing his laughter, without being the recipient of his funny pranks.

Another year not making plans or looking forward to adventures with Dominic.


it’s a new year for creating new memories in his name, helping others who also know this grief and making sure he will NEVER be forgotten.

In order to honor him and other vicitms, I created a Angel Garden here in Arkansas.

For every mom and dad, brother or sister of a Angel, I write the name of their loved one on a rock and place it in the Angel Garden.

In my heart i imagine all those angels meeting here for a little R&R, share their stories and brag about us, who are left here on earth to continue their legacy. Once they got a little rest, they are soaring high to continue to be our guardian angels .

This New Year will be another year of making sure Dominic will never be forgotten and I will continue to be his voice.

May God bless you and help you find your reason to make this year the best for you.


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