God Moments

??We experience many God moments. Things that can’t be explained, but we know there was a reason something happened.

Sometimes we are aware and other times we are not. We often take much for granted and don’t even think about it anymore.

Since Dominic’s death I experienced and became aware of many of those God moments that made me stop in my track, and realize just how blessed I am, despite the tragedy and pain I suffered.

And every time I get to feel and truly acknowledge this gift from God, it makes me feel better, think clearer and appreciate all the good in my life and never taken anything or anyone for granted.

2 of those God moments happened while I was in Washington DC. I was invited to do a interview with Terry Maxwell KNZR Bakersfield, California and not only did Terry have connections to where Dominic lived and places that Dominic used to visit, but a very special person heard the Interview and reached out to me.

ICE agent Cyrus ( like Dominic named his rescue dog ) was heading home from work and when he turned on his radio, heard my voice and listened to me sharing how very instrumental he was back then, to keep Dominic’s killer locked up in the detention center. He also was the one that called me 1.5 years after Dominics death and informed me he was on his way to the airport to deport this guy again.

What a joy to reconnect with him again.

The second God moment happened as I was waiting to board my flight to Dallas and found it it was delayed 5 hours. I knew I wouldn’t make my connection flight from Dallas to Texarkana and tried to figure out what to do, when I heard the familiar voice of Arkansas Sheriff Jason Watson Clark County ( Arkadelphia/ Amity) who also attended the FAIR event.

He must have sensed something was off and asked me if I’m ok. Once I explained what happened, he suggested to try to get on his flight to Little Rock ( 2 hours from our home ) and he would make sure I would get home safe and sound.

When I returned to the service desk I asked if there was room for me on that Little Rock flight and the young man from AA not only made sure I had a seat, but he placed me in 1st class.

Once we all boarded, I noticed 3 seats around me still empty and asked the stewardess if my sheriff friend could sit up here with me. She went and got him and he was able to sit comfortably with his legs stretched out.

We arrived in Little Rock and he already had my safe trip home all set up. I got to ride with him halfway and was then met by one of his deputies to bring me home the rest of the way.

I didn’t have to spend the night at the Dallas airport and I wasn’t stuck in DC because everything was aligned in my favor ??

I’m forever grateful to all the people that made and make a huge impact in my life and I am more aware of what God does in our lives when we least expect it, but always trust Him.??

Sometimes we need reminders to slow down for a minute, take a deep breath and realize we are only in control of some, but not all things

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