Flying with my very own angel

Since Dominic’s death I haven’t been on a small aircraft like he used to fly. It carried too much pain and I just wanted to remember the many amazing and fun flights he took me on.

Just the thought of going to the little airport in Riverside made me tear up.

But when I found out one of Dominic’s best friends Chris was so inspired by Dominic and got his pilots license, I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to him.

I didn’t want to say ‘ no thanks’. I sucked up my fear of driving  to that very airport my sweet son learned how to fly. The very same place where Dominic took me for a flight 5 minutes after he received his pilots license. The place of many hours of watching him do his thing, watching him with pride as he worked on a plane or just hanging out with the people there.

So many beautiful memories that I now cherish so much and will never forget.

The tears flowed freely as I walked into the airport and in Dominic’s footsteps. I could hear his laughter and see his smile as I walked past the buildings and towards the planes. My knees almost buckled, but as I was holding on to his old headphones, I started feeling his arms around me and whispering: enjoy this mom, fly and feel me up there with you.

Chris did an outstanding  job and I had a blast. Sadly the weather wasn’t all that good and we couldn’t fly as long as we had planned, but we will go again and enjoy this one more time.

A bittersweet morning. A flight that lifted me up towards the clouds and seeing the world from Dominic’s perspective one more time.

Spread your angel wings sweet son of mine. Soar and keep watch over us

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