February 2023 Little Rock, Arkansas Visit

On February 27, 2023 I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet up with Susan Tully and Shari Rendall from FAIR = Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Those 2 ladies, who have become great friends over the last few years, traveled all the way from Washington, DC to attend 2 meetings with the Faulkner County and Pulaski County Republicans. Each event was a huge success, with many attendees and questions asked and answered. Susan and Shari shared their knowledge and up to date information about illegal immigration and I got to share Dominic and how he was ripped out of a promising live because of this issue.

We also visited the Capital to meet with representatives to again, share how important it is to fight against illegal immigration and place American citizens first.

My dear friend Sheriff Watson also joined us and shared about the danger of fentanyl and how it affects Arkansas.

I returned home Wednesday afternoon, exhausted, but feeling like a lot was accomplished.

Meeting people in my home state of Arkansas is important and we can’t just sit back, hoping someone else will fix it.

Illegal immigration affects ALL of us, no matter where we live.

Please get involved and find out what’s going on in your town and state to help make sure your grandkids will have a future.

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