AVIAC Comes to Washington DC!


This past week AVIAC’s Angel Families came to Washington DC, to make a difference and to demand change from Congress.

????That’s right, we are no longer asking Congress to do it’s job protecting Americans over illegals, WE DEMAND it????

Thank you to FAIR and Susan Tully for making this all happen and inviting us to the ‘Badges and Angels Immigration & Border Crisis Conference.

A rally was held in front of the Capitol on Wednesday the 25th, where 32 AVIAC -Angel Family members stood shoulder to shoulder with 191 Sherriff’s from all over America.

Speakers included 5 Angels moms, Tom Homan, Acting Director of CIS Ken Cuccinelli, Sherriff Thomas Hodgson, State House Rep Steve Scalise and US Rep Andy Biggs.

Some of our group attended the 13th annual Radio Row event “ hold their feet to the fire”, where 70 radio stations from all over our nation, broadcast interviews with patriots like Diamond and Silk, Ann Coulter, Hector Garza, Brandon Judd, Dr.Drew, Michelle Malkin and many others shared their thoughts about the issue of illegal immigration.

We were also invited to a Department of Homeland security/ department of Justice Administration Briefing.

We heard from Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence, Administration Policy advisor to the President Theo Wold and DHS Secretary Jim Hill

Some of our AVIAC liaisons also attend an Immigration hearing on Capitol Hill and watched Tom Homan speak out against illegal immigration and the cost to american citizens.

And some went to visit the offices of their congress men/ women to share their horrific stories about their families being forever separated by illegal aliens, trying to open their eyes to what this cost so many families.

A busy week, sharing our tragedies and pleading for congress to do their job left all of us exhausted and mentally drained, but we also got to enjoy some downtime,meet each other, some for the first time , give strength, love and support and return home with a new energy and determination to continue this fight against illegal immigration.

Lots of tears and laughter, new memories and friendships created.

I want to thank my AVIAC Angel Families / Liaisons from the bottom of my heart.

Maureen Carroll Maloney
Maureen Grossi Laquerre
Dennis Bixby
Brian McCain
Don Rosenberg
Eric C Brady
Boni Driskill
Joy A. English
Bonnie Eggle
Cindy Inman
Cindy Scalf
Rosemarie Gonzalez
Melanie Kortlang
Ingrid Rutan Lake
Mark Batin
Lori Latimer
Chrishia N Odette
Danny Ferguson
Cindy Scalf
Chris Storie
Marie Herrera Vega
Jim Doobie Walden
Shellie Woods
Kathy Woods
Judy Zieto

To the ones who couldn’t make it this time, we missed you ???? and kept you in our thoughts and hearts

Each of you have a place in my heart and I am so blessed and grateful to call you family.

Thank you for giving and sharing your time and energy, love, compassion and grief, while fighting a issue that affects EVERY American.

Buckle up … much more to come ????????????????

God bless you and many Domhugs ????????????????

( if I forgot someone please let me know, it wasn’t done on purpose, but this week was extreme and my mind is mush right now)

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