Arkansas …. peace and quiet, but the fight continues

Now that I am a little settled in, getting used to the humidity, quietness, laid  back and very friendly people, I gained strength to continue my fight against illegal immigration.

Not too long ago I was invited to be a guest at the unveiling of VOICE, the office our President created for victims of illegal alien crime. It’s great that people like me have a place to call and get help.

7 of us victims families also created and launched our own Organisation called AVIAC – advocates for victims of illegal alien crime and we are working on being there for new victims and anyone that needs someone who knows their pain and grief.   And to top ot all off,  I was invited by our President to join him with other victims, at a round table discussion at the White House.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions with many more highs than lows, but the pain doesn’t get any less and the grief never stops.

I am now called an advocate/ activist  and the voice of Dominic.

I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible supportive people and that I conquered my fear of public speaking.

I travel and get to come home to a wonderful sweetheart of a man who has been by my side through all of this.

And yet, I would rather live under a bridge pennyless and have my Dominic enjoy his life.

Hug the ones close to you, stand up for your fellow Americans and help to make this country better for all of your kids and the next generations

Huge domhugs ????

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