Angelversary 2023

How can one describe the feeling of yet another year passing since Dominics death on July 12, 2012.

It’s a deep and excruciating pain as I can feel my heart shatter all over, memories of that horrific call, seeing him at the mortuary and kissing his cold, lifeless body for the last time, the preparations for a device of life and receiving a Urne with his remains.

It plays like a movie, non stop and never ending.

Every day is another reminder of what was and never will be.

I will and have to make it through yet another year without him and will keep busy trying to educate people about the horrific and costly consequences of illegal immigration.

Nothing and no one will stop me from sharing Dominic with the world.

Domhugs to all the wonderful people that keep me in their prayers, check on us and stand by my side 💚🤗

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