Angel Families Praise Ron DeSantis: ‘We Need Every Governor to … Stop this Invasion’

Angel Families, whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens, are praising Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for an emergency order that seeks to halt state business with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that facilitate illegal immigration for the federal government.

“I thank Governor DeSantis for placing Floridians first, by stopping this insanity and making sure resources are not spent on illegals,” Angel Mom Sabine Coulter, whose son Dominic was murdered in July 2012 by an illegal alien, told Breitbart News.

“We need every governor to place citizens above illegals and help stop this invasion that affects every American citizen and legal immigrant,” she added.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported last week, DeSantis has implemented an emergency order that bans the issuance or renewal of all state licenses to Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) facilities that provide services to Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs).

Angel Dad Chris Odette, whose 13-year-old daughter Chrishia was killed in 2014 by an illegal alien, praised the move as a “good start and long overdue” but said Republican governors should take initiatives to stop illegal immigration further.

“Revoke and bar license to any company requiring or holding a license or permit to operate that employ an illegal alien, revoke or deny licenses and permits to any apartment, house or lease agency or residence preventing housing for illegals,” Odette said, listing policy recommendations.

“And bar banking institutions from accepting Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) as a form of ID for financial transactions. Lastly, any charity organization aiding in [illegal immigration] should lose any state tax exemption status they may have,” Odette continued.

DeSantis, in part, is looking to make major changes to Florida law to drastically disincentivize and reduce illegal immigration to the state. In a legislative package, DeSantis is seeking to effectively outlaw business with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who aid in illegal immigration.

Such a policy would almost certainly financially cripple NGOs in the state.

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