An Invitation to the White House

Last year I got to attend the launch of VOICE in Washington,DC.

VOICE = Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement, a Office within the Department of Homeland Security  was created by President Donald Trump to acknowledge and serve the many needs of crime Victims and their families who have been effected by crimes committed by illegal aliens.

It was such an honor to be a part of this very important and successful office, that will help many others like myself.

This year the 1 year anniversary of VOICE turned out even more special, because President Trump joined in the celebration.

On June, 22nd, after spending  time at ICE Headquarters and learning about the success and operations of VOICE , I got to say Thank You and share a Domhug with the former acting Director Thomas Homan, who retired the next day and got to spend time with the wonderful and supportive team at VOICE . Barbara Gonzalez, Assistant Director, Jon Feere, Senior Advisor and Doretha McCallum, Chief Of Staff have become dear and close friends who are only a call away.

VOICE invited many other Families who lost loved ones at the hands of an illegal alien and together we were shuttled to the White House. Upon arrival we learned that President Trump and Vice President Pence would welcome us at the Oval Office. What a thrill and true treasure those moments were.

As I entered the Oval Office, I got very emotional and had to take a deep breath to take it all in. What a stunning place with so much incredible history. My heart was beating so fast and every second will be forever etched into my memory.