Americans First, more important than ever!

Sitting outside, enjoying the quiet of the evening, listening to the birds give their daily concert, I glance over at the Angel Garden.

Each rock had the name of a lost loved one written on it. The weather kind of faded the names, but not in my heart. I remember each one and smile, as I think how safe they are in heaven. I always say a prayer for them and their families. Mother’s Day is almost over, and I reflect on all the moms who have lost a child.

We smile and put on a facade in front of people, while inside, we scream and fall apart.

Today I look up at the sky, trying to find a glimpse of my mom, dad and son smiling down on me. I feel their presence.

For today, as heavy as my heart is, I smile and remember why I was chosen to be Domsmom. I had 30 glorious years with my son and collected memories that last a life time.

Tomorrow I will pick up the battle about illegal immigration and how it destroys American families, cost us billions of dollars a year and has to be dealt with once and for all.

America can no longer look the other way and keep supporting illegal aliens, while millions of Americans are jobless, homeless and trying to pick up the pieces.

We all deserve better and never before was the term : Americans First, more important than ever.

We will recover, we will get better, we will learn and do better and we will survive this too.

May God bless each of you for your kind messages of support, love and friendship to help me through difficult days.



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