American Freedom Tour – 3 Days in Palm Beach With Donald Trump (Dec 1-4, 2022)



Another very successful trip to Palm Beach, Florida started with a spectacular Gala at beautiful Mar-a-Lago, hosted by American Freedom Tour.


It began with a reception at the pool area where the very gracious Host Martha Fain, called me up to the podium to share Dominic with the guest in attendance.

We then moved to the absolutely stunning ballroom for dinner where President Donald Trump gave a very inspiring and motivating speech.
Many high profile guests from politics and entertainment were present and enjoyed an evening with likeminded patriots.

Day 2 & 3 of the Freedom Tour was held at the beautiful grounds of Trump International Golf Club and we were treated to a variety of speakers and some very tasty meals.

Our 45th President was seen golfing and enjoying a day at this spectacular golf course.

President Trump was having lunch at the clubhouse and my longtime friend, who has been part of the Trump family for many years, Lynne Patton, noticed me and invited me to come in. President Trump recognized me and after giving me the best hug, shared Dominic’s story with his friends at the table. It’s still mind blowing and such an honor to know that Dominic has not been forgotten and President Trump appreciates how long and how much I have been working on making sure that the issue of illegal immigration will never be forgotten.

Later that day, Dominic and I got to be part of a presentation for the ‘Defend The Border, Save Lives’ organization, where former ICE chief Tom Homan, Tom Trento and filmmaker Chris Burgard shared a clip of a documentary to educate about the horrific effects of open borders.

After leaving the Golf Club I returned to Mar-a-Lago for a fabulous dinner with my dear friends John and Maria. The President was also having dinner at his special table and as I walked bye, he stopped me and told me that he had been paying close attention to what I have been doing for all these years, how impressed he was and how proud my son must be, watching me from heaven. Of course I lost it and was overcome with emotions as I walked away. It gave me new strength and the drive to continue advocating against illegal immigration.

All 3 days were packed with listening to very inspiring speakers, meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Many tears were shed and lots of laughter was also part of it.

It was truly a honor and pleasure to be back in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida and I look forward to returning soon for more adventures.

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