A weekend in McAllen, Texas

When you get invited by a group of patriots to attend a MAGA event, you drop everything and just go.

As I arrived in McAllen, Texas on 9/15/2018 at the event location, it became evident that these patriots want nothing more than to help our President to succeed.

Not only was there a huge American flag, there were several Trump flags and a huge patriotic cake to celebrate the occasion.

The room was full of excited, kind people who gave me a true Texas style welcome.

Dominic’s story and the tragedy of his senseless and completely avoidable death had everyone’s full attention. I felt their compassion, support and how deeply they hurt with me.

The Host, Jason Solis and his family did an outstanding job and I was so blessed to be a part of this event.

Sunday morning, a few patriots and myself drove to the U.S. Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley Sector and were greeted by Division Chief L. Easterling and by R. Rodriguez, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Public Affairs Office.

After a great presentation of facts, numbers and a movie about the every day operation of the brave men and women of the Border Patrol, we traveled in 2 SUV’s and made our way to the Rio Grande, to experience first hand what a Border is all about.

As we got closer to the Rio Grande River, my nerves and emotions got the best of me. Standing at the riverbank and looking across to the Mexican side, seeing the footsteps in the sand, brought me to tears. It became so clear that so many illegals crossed here. Some were caught and some got through to hide in AnyCity, USA.

Did the killer of my Dominic also come through here? How many other violent criminals made their way through this part of Texas ? Oh how my mind was racing and my heart beating so fast. My emotions were all over the place and it took everything in me not to scream out loud.

I was told that the Rio Grande Border Patrol is in charge of 316 miles of Border, have 4 stations with a total of 3,100 agents and made over 160,000 arrests. They also discover about 50 tons !! of Marijuana per week. Sadly the Family units and unaccompanied minors coming though have surpassed all other years. The drug cartels make everyone pay and make up to 3 Billion Dollars a year exploiting those who are willing to enter the USA illegally.

The only way to change this is by enforcing our laws closing the loopholes and get the 640 million dollars appropriated for building the wall in places where it’s needed.

I asked one of the agents what they need the most besides support from ALL

  1. American citizens and politicians. The answer was simple:
  2. A wall in all the right and strategic places
  3. More BP Personal
  4. Roads fixed for surveillance
  5. Closing loopholes and bipartisan help
  6. More infrastructure and technology
  7. Technology to knock down drones used by cartels

For all the above named fixes NOT to take so many years to get implemented
What incredible information and something we all can get behind to protect our country and all citizens in it.

The tour ended and I was complete overwhelmed, mentally exhausted and needed a nap.

The next day I met BP agent Rodriguez again, this time at the Edinburg, Texas RGV sector and received my new favorite hat and pins as a thank you for speaking out about this issue and for supporting all Law Enforcement and Border Patrol.

What a weekend it was indeed. I walked away with such gratitude for these brave men and women and a new respect for their work.

America is safer because of them and we need to all stand with them and support their missions.

I felt Dominic with me, holding me up at times and proud that his mom wasn’t afraid to face something that once almost destroyed her.

A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone that helped make this incredible and unforgettable weekend happen

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