A insane and wrong verdict …..

It took me this long to get myself together to write what and how I feel about this travesty of a verdict.

The NOT GUILTY verdict brought me to my knees and I cried…..cried my heart out….but not only for Kate and her family, but for every victim of illegal alien crime and for every American who will become just that.

This clearly showed that illegals have more rights than any American who would have been sentenced to the full extent of the law. The sanctuary state of California shows all of us that we legal immigrants and Americans don’t matter all that much and are just collateral damage.

The killer of Dominic got away with murder as well and served only 35 days. The murderer of my friends daughter Sarah, got to bail out and disappeared. And there are so many more preventable tragedies caused by illegals where the killer got away with a slap on the wrist. It would take me weeks to tell each story..never ending, because every day around 15 people get killed by illegals and no one hears about it.

Please realize that any American citizen or legal Immigrants would not have received this kind of leniency, had they committed any of those crimes. We are held to another standard even though we have the right to be here.

We need to stand up and get loud about what we want for our for us, our kids and families and future generations.

Don’t just sit back and hope this will get better. Get active and make calls to your representatives, let them know you are awake and won’t tolerate this any longer.

Don’t wait to know my grief and 24/7 pain and grief……

We owe illegals NOTHING……we owe Americans EVERYTHING

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