35 Days for 30 Years: Dominic Durden’s Story

On July 12, 2012, Dominic Durden was riding his motorcycle to work when he was hit and killed by an illegal alien. The illegal immigrant who killed Dominic only served 35 days in jail. In the years since his passing Dominic’s mother Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany has been fighting for true immigration reform.

To learn more visit: fairus.org

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  1. Sabine,
    I hope You Sue,
    I PRAY You become A Multi-Millionaire.
    It Won’t Mean A Damn Thing , But It Will At Least Compensate You For All the times Losing Sleep. Maybe you can Take A Vacation Around The World Or Buy Something You’ve Always Wanted. Nothing can Compare to the Loss of Your Son. And I’m Truly Sorry Our Country has Let You Down – It’s Disgraceful. We’ll be Praying For You.

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